2012 Workshops

The BCWF Wetlands Education Program is excited to announce its 2012 lineup of workshops and courses.  These are designed to enable communities throughout British Columbia to engage in citizen science for the appreciation, monitoring, protection and restoration of their local watersheds. See the list below for details on these courses.

Map our Marshes Workshops 

This Wetland Mapping and rapid assessment workshop is a 1 day crash course on the values of wetlands and how to map them using GPS technology. Get connected with the Community Mapping Network and protect wetlands in your area.

This is a great project for anyone who is passionate about the health of their local wildlife and watersheds, from community volunteers to schools, consultants and planners!

Wetlandkeepers workshops 

BCWF’s Wetlandkeepers Courses are 2 1/2 day workshops that educate participants about wetland conservation! Upon a community request, BCWF brings the Wetlandkeepers Course into an area to teach wetland mapping, wetland hydrology, amphibian, plant and animal identification and soil sampling. This is a hands-on fieldwork course that provides participants will technical skills to steward their own wetland.  Participants are provided with a copy of the Wetlandkeepers Handbook, which was written in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment. Upon completion of the workshop participants are provided with a Wetlandkeeper certificate, and provided with follow up support by the Wetlands Coordinator.

2012 workshops will be held in:

Wetlands Institute Workshop (July 8 – 15, 2012)

Are you working on a wetland  project and/or program in your community? Join us for 8 day intensive hands-on workshop along the Sea-to- Sky corridor (from Pemberton to Squamish).

Workshop Highlights:

  • restore and construct 2 types of wetlands with expert Tom Biebighauser;
  • learn how to protect wetlands in municipalities/regions;
  • connect with a network of trainers and resources; and,
  • learn current mapping and survey techniques, and much more!

Read about it in this blog.
Read the final report here.

Financial Supporters

The 2012 Wetlands Education Programming was undertaken with the financial support of:
Le 2012 Wetlands Education Programming été réalisé avec l’appui financier de:


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