A Blog for Discussing Wetland Projects

BC Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program (WEP) was created in 1996 to deliver quality wetland education that builds the capacity of individuals and groups to assess their wetland assets, and, using this new knowledge, increase community health. BCWF prides itself on community based wetland education programs that increase the capacity of individuals to steward wetlands in their own backyards!

This new blog has been created to feature what past participants of the wetlands education project are working on now, and to discuss the different WEP activities. Please feel free to comment on postings or get involved by contacting the WEP coordinator.


The BCWF Bog Blog has been shared on Twitter and praised by several Twitter followers to a broader audience!

On December 28, The South March Coalition (Mitch Brisebois of Ottawa) tweeted: “Check out @BCWFWetlands & the Bog Blog – BC’s wetland stewards Ottawa needs this!”

On December 7, Water Puppetry (Korice Moir of Toronto) tweeted: “Check out The Bog Blog: A space for “wet-working” in BC!” There was also public admiration for our post on World Rivers Day and the Wetland building activity for kids.

The website is now embedded into the larger organization’s website and has also been mentioned in the BCWF President’s Blog.

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