Logan Lake Wetland Project

Though I went as an observer to the wetland project near the Logan Lake golf course, I found myself immersed, once again, into the construction of a wetland.  It is hard not to be when Tom Biebighauser, wetland expert, is in the lead.  This project also included BCIT students and instructors in the Ecological Restoration program.

This unique project had an objective to construct a wetland to filter upland water flowing into Logan Lake.  As this project has a scientific approach, water monitoring was done prior to and will be done in future intervals, to see if the objective was met.

Of course, any wetland construction or restoration must include a focus on wildlife.  This is where the BCIT instructors took the lead in teaching the students the methods to create wildlife habitat.  Though I was an observer, I am grateful for the information I learned while watching and listening through the process.  I can honestly say, that I have taken away some enhanced knowledge of wetland habitat which I will use at my wetland site and in future projects.

The creation of the wetland and wildlife habitat was a success.  Hopefully there will be more opportunity for BCIT and it’s students to be involved in projects such as this.  It is reassuring to know that there are young people who are bright and care to take this route in their education and careers.

Hats off to Marge Sidney for organizing the project!  I wish her continued success in the restoration of the Logan Lake wetland.

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