Coming soon…World Rivers Day!

It is hard to pass up the chance to represent wetlands and wetland stewardship at a festival on a Quay.

That is why I jumped at the chance to participate in Artists on the River when I was asked to showcase the Wetlands Education Program for the festival that will honor the mighty Fraser River. One item on my task list here is to stress the importance of wetlands to the river. We often forget how rivers and wetlands are connected…when you think of a river it is simply a fast moving body of water, right?

What about the Fraser River estuary or all of the outflows and shorelines that prevent erosion and support a multitude of life? These spaces where the water is slowed enough for fish and amphibians to breed in shelter, where birds and mammals feed, these spaces are equally important to our rivers.

I’ll have a table set up among the artworks and other environmental organizations. The festivities will include artwork, foods, live music and education on the Fraser River. The Fraser River Discovery Centre is our host  (788 Quayside Drive, New Westminster BC) and we’ll be there from 11:00-4:00 PM on Saturday, September 24. Please be sure to stop by and show your support for the Fraser’s boundaries and slow-moving spaces.

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