Want to Share your Photos of BC Wetlands?

If you enjoy taking photographs and have some great images taken within a BC Wetland, why not share it with everyone?

We’ve created a new Flickr group that will feature images of BC wetlands as a way of appreciating these spaces. If you are not a Flickr member, it is easy to join and is a great platform for sharing photographs. If you’re already a Flickr member, here’s your chance to add some of your photos to our pool!


The last image (constantly changing) will be featured at the footer of this site. You can click on it to see more images that photographers across BC have taken in admiration of our wetlands.

One thought on “Want to Share your Photos of BC Wetlands?

  1. Heather Toles

    This is a great idea to share wetland photos for a number of reasons.

    We all have photos we love and would like to share with others and this blog gives an opportunity to show our photos. This blog will showcase wetlands around the province in areas that one has not travelled before. Also, it will give exposure to the many wetland and photo enthusiasts and prove there are many people who appreciate the beauty and value of wetlands.

    I look forward to seeing the photos!

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