Bog Deervetch

There has been a great interest in our Wetlands of British Columbia Flickr photo group from outdoor photographers and wetland lovers! Many great new images have been added throughout the week and it was another difficult decision as to which image would be selected for  this week’s feature gallery BC Wetland Photo of the Week and blog post.

Our choice image for this week is very educational. Not only is the image of the Bog Deervetch a call out to appreciate the little things in our wet environment, but it also announces the threats to this small plant, encouraging us to have a lighter footprint in our recreation. Below is our photographer’s description that accompanies the image:

The Bog Deervetch is a beautiful and complex flower and it is a joy to behold. There is a movement to have the Lotus pinnatus officially adopted as Nanaimo’s floral emblem. The flower is very rare in Canada with about 80% of them growing within the city limits of Nanaimo.

There is a local society called ‘Friends of Harewood Plains’ who are doing their best to protect it from the ravages of city expansions and development plus other backwoods encroachments such as the ATVs and bikes that tear up the fragile bogs on the plains. 

The plant is an endangered species in Canada and is red-listed in British Columbia.

Thank you to robin44b for this image and description. We’ve got another great reason to educate ourselves on our wetland environments and our impacts on it.


Each week a photo is selected from our open Flickr group Wetlands of British Columbia as a stand out image that exemplifies the spirit of our aim to inspire and educate BC residents with the beauty and wonder of our wetlands. These photographs are not only great images on their own, but they also make us want to learn more about wetlands, their functions and their inhabitants with associated text submitted by the photographer. If you would like to submit to this group and showcase your vision of BC Wetlands and their inhabitants, join our Flickr group.

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