A stocking stuffer for a wetland enthusiast!

Anyone who has ever met Tom Biebighauser, knows what a wealth of knowledge he is on the subject of building wetlands.  My first encounter with Tom was during our 2010 BCWF Wetlands Institute, where Tom left the whole class putting a 200 D series excavator on their Christmas wishlist.  Tom makes wetland construction engaging and fun.  “If you make a mistake, it’s easy to fix”  is one of his mantras.  Or “If you build it, they (wildlife) will come”.

Unfortunately, for the most of us, excavators are out of our price range and won’t fit under the Christmas Tree.  This new book will.  His previous book was an engaging and easy read, full of personal experiences of both wetland construction successes and failures.  It read more like a novel than a textbook which made it accessible to a wide audience.

I’m looking forward to getting a copy in the new year and working with Tom on our upcoming 2012 Wetlands Institute workshop along the Sea-to-Sky corridor, where we’ll put some of these wetland restoration techniques into practice!

I’m not getting any endorsements from the sale of Tom’s book (in case you’re wondering).  Wetland Restoration and Construction: a technical guide should be a great resource for anyone interested in wetland stewardship.

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