Happy Holidays!

I’d like to take this moment to thank all of the dedicated participants and volunteers of the Wetland Education Program that I had the great fortune of meeting and working with this year. We did some exciting work in the Kamloops, Pemberton, Squamish and North/West Vancouver this year. Children in Chase & Lillooet benefited from connections they made with the great outdoors.

I’d also like to acknowledge the great new connections made that will likely lead to some amazing future partnerships. A shout out goes to LEPS (Langley Environmental Protection Society) who I have made initial steps with toward a wetland construction project (see photos from the site visit here). Meeting the folks at the Fraser River Discovery Centre has lead to potential partnership in programming for a World Wetlands Day celebration. Then there is Ross from the Okanagan Regional Wildlife Heritage Society, who has opened up the potential to do some restoration work at Ginty’s Pond in Causton, BC. These are only a few, and I thank all interested in parties for taking the time to meet and speak with me on innovative new projects.

Right now, while marshes and swamps appear to be barren and brown, there are many interesting creatures taking refuge beneath the surface of the mud and below the snow and ice. During their winter snooze, all of us Wetlandkeepers dream up the spring projects to come! I wish everyone success in all of their monitoring, mapping, educational and conservation activities!

The Wetlands Education Program is looking forward to a great season next year. I’ll be hosting a great deal of programming across the province including: two Wetlandkeepers courses– one in Castlegar and another in Whitelake,  a Puddle Project in Golden, a Wetland Institute Workshop along  the Sea-to-Sky, and two Wild Kidz Camps– one in Barriere and another in Oliver.

In the meantime, we’re still in the race for the Shell Fuelling Change Fund and encourage you to support us in the grant for $50,000 toward our programming. If you haven’t given us your free votes, please consider doing so. Even if you have voted, there is the opportunity to help us climb in the ranks to the top 4 by plugging in your receipt codes. All of this is a quick and simple way to ensure the funding and support of your favourite BC habitat!

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