A Critical Turn In The Race For $50,000

Voters will receive 100 FREE VOTES between now and next Wednesday (January 4, 2012).

This was the surprising message sent out today by Shell in regard to its Fuelling Change CompetitionThat is a 10x increase in votes!

For those who may not know, the BCWF Wetlands Education Program is shortlisted to receive a $50,000 grant. This depends upon votes from the public.

In light of our current position, I need all the support I can get from friends, family, coworkers and anyone who would contribute to wetland education & conservation. Please redeem bonus points before 9:00 pm on Wednesday January 4,2012 (see below for instructions). This could be a real game changer!

  1. Please log on to Shell’s Fuelling Change website with your email and password. If you haven’t yet voted you’ll need to create your account (this will only take a few minutes of your time, your name, email and province of residence. You’ll receive a confirmation email before you can get to vote. For further instructions see the BCWF website).
  2. When logged in, click on the Redeem Codes button. From there you’ll have the option to input receipt information (which I encourage drivers to do!) or a bonus code.
  3. Paste this code into the box that says redeem bonus codes: aE5-9dvsb2
  4. Vote for our project with your 100 votes!
  5. Please share this Bonus Code with your family, friends and associates. They can follow the same process and also receive 100 Bonus Votes to help support the Wetlands Education Program.

This is a very challenging competition, and I thank everyone so much for supporting myself and the BCWF Wetlands Education Program.

8 thoughts on “A Critical Turn In The Race For $50,000

  1. Thanks everyone! I should be on holiday this week, but the Fuelling Change Competition is really keeping me on my toes!

    Special thank yous go out to the BC Wildlife Fed who has brought us into 1st place(!!!), and our growing population of Twitter supporters from all over the map, including:
    @aspenparkland (Kevin Stewart of Edmonton, AB), @FVConservancy (Fraser Valley Conservancy of Abbottsford, BC), @SouthMarch (Mitch Brisebois of Ottawa, ON), @RCEN_Biodiv (Canadian Environmental Network), @turtlefeed (from somewhere in the USA), @turtleperson21 (Yvonne Hopkins), @modalthetortois (Modal the Tortoise, Southern California), @OniJoseph, @UpliftingWoman (Sherry Dion of Ottawa, ON)

  2. Don’t stop voting! Yes, we’re in first, but we need your continued support so that we can keep afloat until April 30th – when competition ends. Bonus voting expires Wed. January 4th. Thanks to all those who’ve voted for our worthy project.

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