The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation – Put librarians in charge of enviro protection?‏

Put librarians in charge of environmental protection???

That’s what a Byrne Creek Streamkeeper said in response to this astounding quotation from the aforementioned article:

“In a single year, the Toronto Public Library levied more fines for overdue books ($2,685,067 in 2009) than the total amount of fines obtained by Environment Canada in more than two decades (1988-2011) of enforcing the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, ostensibly this country’s most important pollution law ($2,466,352).”

from Paul Cipywnyk

In response to this, Paul from the  North Shore Wetland Partners Society (NSWPS) has put out a challenge to Lower Mainlanders to find the most polluted streams & ditches that flow into our Sea.  He encourages members of all of our communities to compete for the worst water quality by comparing data!

Paul says:

“It is clear there is little to no enforcement out there at any level, so we will need to find & determine the best way to clean up these hotspots  ourselves. For those that are interested we will share the how-to’s of our plan & the prize for the best case of negligence in each community is to make it public knowledge.”

To connect with the NSWPS and participate in this ironic & proactive endeavor, follow this link!

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