Dawn Green: How to Save a Wetland, One Frog at a Time

Last spring, Dawn Green, a freelance environmental writer, came to our Wetlandkeepers workshop in Squamish with a goal of writing an article for the local newspaper. Soon after the course she published a great article in the Squamish Chief.  However…this was not the end to our print coverage by Dawn! She received a commission to publish in the popular West World Magazine, where she would again cover our workshop, but in more glossy detail.  One year later, her article is finally out!

Take a look at pages 35-7 & 45 for this excellent article on protecting frogs in the digital copy online or view it in your copy of West World.

Congratulations on this very broad audience for your wetland adventure, Dawn, and thank you for taking the time to “walk like a Great Blue Heron” through the pond slime with us!

One thought on “Dawn Green: How to Save a Wetland, One Frog at a Time

  1. Diane James

    Thanks again for such interesting reads from the Bog Blog. Photos and links are an added bonus. Keep up the great work. Diane

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