Emerald Lake

Calm days in the water are the greatest solution to hot weather and our photo for this week is a luxurious haven for that summertime heat. In his well-captured HDR image of Emerald Lake, Keith Watson shows the astonishing beauty nestled within the BC Rocky Mountains.

It should come as no surprise that Emerald Lake is most recognized by the vibrant colour of the water and the mountainous surroundings. This characteristic aqua-green colour is derived from silt sediments which were deposited by melting glaciers. As well, this iconic lake graced the back of the Canadian 10 dollar bill between 1954-1971.

Our photo for this week was shot facing towards Mount Marpole which is located within Yoho National Park. The name “Yoho” is derived from the Cree word for amazement which is an accurate description of the sensation felt when exploring the spectacular mountain range, pristine lakes, and lively forests. Yoho National Park is one of the most desirable vacation destinations because of it’s natural and tranquil beauty, as well as offering tourists unique experiences like visiting the world-famous Burgess Shale.

Thank you to Keith for making us envious and wishing we were sitting by a lake right now! If you would like to see more of his photography, click here! To view or contribute to our growing collection of BC wetlands photography, click here!

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