Sea-to-sky Wetland Institute in the Press

Last week was a pretty big one for the BCWF Wetlands Education Program: the Sea-to-sky Wetlands Institute was hosted in Squamish & Pemberton as a free week long crash course designed to help educate citizens on how to successfully tackle their own restoration/conservation projects.

As most of us are well aware, media plays a large role in education. Press, social media and information sharing are critical in terms of getting the word out on how everyday people can take action and make a real difference in their community. While there were many participants at this workshop, we’re also happy that we were joined by reporters from both the Squamish Chief  (Rebecca Aldous) and the Whistler Question (Tanya Foubert), who covered the workshop for others to learn more about the work that the BCWF Wetland Education Program is doing in collaboration with its partners.  

“Sections of the old Highway 99 near Squamish are being transformed into wetlands. The initiative is part of an eight-day workshop on wetland stewardship run by the B.C. Wildlife Federation. Last weekend, participants rehabilitated one and created two wetlands throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor. The two new habitats were placed on an old piece of highway near West Brohm Creek, said Neil Fletcher, the Federation’s Wetlands Education Coordinator.”

The Squamish River Watershed Society organized and sourced the sites for restoration that are mentioned above. Read more in Saving Wetlands: B.C. Wildlife Federation focuses on the Sea-to Sky Corridor” by Rebecca Aldous (Squamish Chief)

“The work last week involved 30 participants in the B.C. Wildlife Federation workshop on restoring wetlands that takes place every other year. Wetlands education program coordinator Neil Fletcher said the seven-day workshop is held in a different location each time and this year the Sea to Sky region was chosen. Participants, he said, are developing their own wetland project and the workshop is meant to be hands on experience to help them complete that work.”

Read more from Watershed Restoration Work Focuses on at-risk species: Conservationists Restore Two Areas in Pinecrest” by Tanya Foubert (Question)

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