Species Profile: Long-Toed Salamander

Kids, summer, and the great outdoors–all three go together so naturally. To experience nature is to love it, and what better way to introduce a love of the outdoors than to send a child to camp? Our photo of the week by contributor anothergecko features a Long-toed salamander (Ambystoma macrodactylum)–just the kind of wildlife many a child would love to meet face to face–or perhaps face to long toe.

The salamander is named for the extra-long fourth toe on each back foot. It is not at risk and is readily available as its habitat ranges throughout much of B.C. as well as in Alberta in the Rocky Mountains. These animals are mostly nocturnal, but can also be found sheltering under logs and rocks beside wetlands. For more information on the Long-toed salamander in B.C., click here and head to the B.C. Frogwatch Program website.

Right now, some B.C. kids are meeting such wonderful creatures. BCWF offers free week-long Wild Kidz Camps each summer to children between the ages of 9 and 12. This summer, our first camp ran in Barriere from Monday, August 6 and wrapped up today, August 10. A new batch of kids will be heading into the world of wetlands at our second camp in Oliver, from August 13 to the 17.

Not only are these camps fun, but they’re also educational (shhh…don’t tell the kids). Kids get to learn about ecosystems, and take part in outdoors activities, such as catching and identifying bugs, exploring wetlands on foot, taking fishing lessons, visiting hatcheries and conservation centers–even learning how to fish. Kids also learn to respect and conserve wildlife and their habitats. They may become the future stewards of our natural world.

Thanks to anothergecko for sharing this photo with us and showing off the excellent wildlife in our B.C. wetlands. We look forward to seeing further exciting discoveries that kids have made at our camps this summer on our blog and perhaps even in our Photo of the Week. To view or contribute to our growing collection of BC wetlands photography,  click here!

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