Nap Time for Baby Geese

The latest heat wave is certainly being felt worldwide by not only people, but by wildlife too. This week’s Photo of the Week captures a pair of exhausted and adorable baby Canadian Geese alongside their parents. Children of any animal species can often be reluctant to listening to their parents and I’m sure these geese would agree that an open, blazing heat field is not the ideal place for a nap; however these goslings don’t seem to mind. 

Lately, climate change has been rapidly effecting a broad range of animals, societies, and ecosystems. Oceanic and Arctic wildlife are extremely vulnerable to the predicted changes in climate patterns. In Canada, with our protected forests, wetlands, and pristine water, our wildlife have a fighting chance in adapting to changing temperatures. In fact, our Canadian geese have not only experienced an incline in population, but have began expanding their territory to areas in the U.S. and Greenland. This may be beneficial for the geese, however these are warning signs that our climate is indeed changing at a rate that may threaten native wildlife species. 

In Greenland, researchers found a decline in their native White-Fronted Goose population. Along with changes in migration patterns due to climate change, the invasion of our own Canadian geese may be the culprit of the decline in white-fronted geese.

Thanks to conservation initiatives in B.C., this young family is fortunate enough to have access to a variety of ways to cool down and mitigate climate changes. However, not all species are as fortunate and they do not have the option of waddling over to a shady Douglas Fir. In our province we are fortunate to reside in such an environmentally conscious society.  In line with our provinces’ concerns, the BCWF has been educating our young public once again this week through our free Wild Kidz day camp in hot and sunny Oliver. However, unlike the goose-teachers in this picture, we can assure that our kids will be provided with plenty of shade and sunscreen!

Thanks to Judy and Ed for this adorable shot and for reminding us about the importance of sun protection. Although the heat may be unbearable at times, I hope everyone has had a chance to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather.

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