As the summer nears it’s end, we’re reflecting back on another successful and outstanding summer. This week, our selected photographer Kevin Smith takes us around the horizon and beautifully into the unknown. Much like good-byes, you can see the horizon off in the distance, yet you are not sure where this railway will take you. 

This week’s photo was taken near Rushmere, BC. Rushmere is located in the very south-eastern corner of British Columbia and is near the Radium Hot Springs – an area of odourless, bubbling bliss. Nearby Rushmere lies the town of Invermere, a major centre for a variety of tourist activities. Invermere lies within the Columbia River Wetlands which is North America’s largest intact wetland as well as a Ramsar designated site! These wetlands cover 26,000 hectares and support over 260 migratory and resident wetland bird species – wow! Not only do these wetlands provide shelter for hundreds of birds, it supports many other species as well, such as the Northern Leopard Frog and the White Sturgeon. The most productive area of the wetlands occurs below an elevation of 1,200 metres. Unfortunately, this is also where most of the human activity is concentrated, making it a fierce competitor against the wetlands.

Raising public awareness for the need of wetland conservation was one of our many goals this summer. Luckily, we had an enthusiastic internship team, were awarded with a significant grant, and hosted several interactive workshops and camps. It surely was a busy summer for our staff! Although we accomplished our goals, there is still a lot of remaining work to be done and more awareness to be raised. To keep up with our fall and winter events, make sure to check out our website here for upcoming events.

Many thanks to Kevin for this crisp and sunny shot! If you would like to view more of Kevin’s work, please visit his flick page. To view or contribute towards our ever-growing collection of BC Wetlands Photography, please click here! And don’t forget to check back every Friday to view more Photos of the Week!

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