Welcoming the Newest Members of our Wetlands Team!

Wetlands education is getting replenished by our newest additions to our Creative Communications Team! We are pleased to welcome Alexandra Warren and Joshua Cairns into our Wetlands Education Program, their expertise will have a meaningful contribution towards wetlands education and conservation!

Alexandra Warren
Creative Communications Assistant

In the middle of the picture (above) we have Alexandra, an insightful student at the University of British Columbia and outdoors enthusiast. Alexandra is currently volunteering with the Stanley Park Ecology Society and removes invasive species in the area, a service we are familiar with! Academically, her combination of a major in General Science and a minor in Commerce fascinated us and we’re excited to add her unique perspective to our CC Team.

Joshua Cairns
Creative Communications Assistant

To the left of the picture we have Joshua, a diligent student at Simon Fraser University who is graduating in December. Joshua is experienced in Geographical Information Systems (GISs) and analysed cycling safety along the Sea to Sky Highway. His group’s assessment was presented to the Ministry of Transportation and led to the implementation of signs regarding cycling safety! We are excited to work alongside his initiative and enthusiasm.

It was clear after our first meeting that both Joshua and Alexandra will be assets in further developing our wetlands creative communications. We have a promising 2012-2013 ahead of us so make sure to check in on our Facebook and Twitter (@BCWFWetlands) to keep updated with our latest projects and events! Expect to be inspired by our enthusiasm for wetland conservation!

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