Call for Industrial Designer/Model-Maker/Artist

Project: Model Wetland for Environmental Education

Design a model wetland environment that will function as a portable education tool around the province of British Columbia. We would like to illustrate the effects of flood control and the impacts of development and industry on this type of ecosystem, as well as the function of rain on streams and groundwater recharging. This will feature a mountain or hill with high, medium and low elevation wetlands represented by depressions that can be filled with water or moveable pieces such as livestock fields, housing developments and industrial ports. Ideally the model will be layered with visible underground streams (permeable material) which connect the wetlands, to illustrate the flow and recharge of streams from rainfall. It should have a drain and catching basin.

The model must be durable, lightweight, waterproof, and simple with large moveable pieces. It may be built in interlocking components to fit into a small car. It should allow about 10 children to crowd around it when it is unpacked, should be easily cleaned between uses- and it should be fun and engaging. The use of sponges, fiberglass, wood and styrofoam are all viable options.

Your Qualifications

You are a student, recent graduate or keen contractor with experience in designing and manufacturing dimensional models or products of a related or similar nature and scope. You have an understanding of materials and their limits. You are capable of immediately devoting time to this project and working quickly to ensure it is completed on time.  Ideally you are interested in working with non-profit organizations and have some investment in the natural environment and conservation.


This project is on a strict and fast-approaching deadline that must be met for the success of an upcoming event with children. You will only have about 2.5 weeks from design to completion.

Application deadline: Saturday, April 14, 2013 4:00 PM.

Project deadline: May 3, 2013.

Renumeration & Benefits

Our budget for the materials and labour in the creation of this model is $2,000. The successful outcome of this project could likely lead to further contracts over the coming months and summer season. It will also ensure an excellent example for your portfolio toward other forms of design or model building with an important reference attached.

Who We Are

The BC Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program (WEP) is a not-for-profit environmental education program that was created in 1996 to deliver quality education that builds the capacity of individuals and groups to determine their wetland assets, and, using this new knowledge, increase community health. BCWF prides itself on community based wetland education programs that increase the capacity of individuals to steward wetlands in their own backyards!

How to Apply

Please send a CV and cover letter describing your interests in this project and how you are qualified for this competition. Include up to five examples of related work you have created along with a brief description of each. If sending .jpg files, ensure they are labeled with your last name and numbered in the title, eg. “Jones01”.

Send to no later than Saturday April 13, 2013 (4:00 pm PST). 

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