We’re on the search for a ‘Marsh Mobile’!

Wetlands model
Our popular “Wetlands Model” is one of the educational tools that’ll be joining us on the road!

Are you a generous corporation? Do you have an uncle with deep pockets or a reliable truck sitting in your front yard?  We’d like to enhance our outreach across BC and we need your help! Did you know that the BC Wildlife Federation is the largest and oldest conservation group in British Columbia? The Federation’s Wetlands Program is looking for a 3/4 ton truck with a crew cab to pull our “Wetlands on Wheels” trailer in order to increase our capacity to deliver wetlands conservation, carry plants and tools for restoration projects, and to supply communities with an interactive and engaging experience! The truck & trailer will be a major part of our programs such as various environmental days (ex. Rivers Day, World Water Day), wetland stewardship workshops, Kidz Camps, and school outreach events where we will transform classrooms into wetlands and vice versa.  Last year we directly engaged with 905 individuals (i.e., 182 – through our Wetland Stewardship workshops, 45 through our Wild Kidz  Camps, and 678 at environmental outreach events).  This year we expect to surpass well over 1000!

In return for your generous support, your logo will be proudly displayed on our truck & trailer as we travel across the province and engage British Columbians with our passion for wetlands conservation!  We’re about $20,000 short of our goal.

Be a part of this successful environmental movement and have your organisation associated with the future of wetlands conservation! (This is sure to bring you good CARma.)

So who's along for the ride

Special thanks to the Barnet Rifle Club and Shell FuellingChange.

Barnet and Neil
Neil, BCWF Wetlands Program Coordinator, shows his gratitude to the Barnet Rifle Club for their generous donation of $7,000.

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