Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park Wetlands Restoration Project

After getting the green-light from the Ministry of Environment – Water Stewardship Division, the Dallas-Barnhardvale Nature Park Wetland Restoration Project is under way this week in Kamloops, BC! The Wetland Restoration Committee is sponsored by the Barnhartvale Horse & Hiker Trail Preservation Society, and the partners in this project include the City of Kamloops Parks and Recreation Department, the Friends of Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park, the Dallas Community Association, the Barnhartvale Community Association, and the BCWF WEP. We are also super lucky to be graced with the knowledge, experience, and charisma of Tom Biebighauser, former USDA Forest Service wildlife biologist, wetland ecologist, and our ongoing friend.

The Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park Wetlands Restoration Project will occur in three phases:

  • Phase One: invasive plant and noxious weed removal; preservation of native trees and shrubs; excavation of three basins for groundwater wetlands; seeding with native grasses
  • Phase Two: scheduled to begin next Summer, includes invasive plant and noxious weed control, more planting of native trees and shrubs
  • Phase Three: educational component, with observation deck and informative signage indicating the role of healthy wetlands in a balanced ecosystem

Located in Kamloops, BC, the Friends of Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park Wetlands Restoration Committee is a local non-profit group dedicated to the restoration of the damaged Park wet areas to natural, functioning small wetlands.

Listen to CBC Radio interviewing Tom Biebighauser (and Heather Toles) about the Dallas-Barnhardvale Wetland Restoration Project.

For a complete read of the Friends of Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park 2013 Newsletter detailing the Wetland Restoration Project, click here: 2013 Newsletter Issue Three.

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