Building a Schoolyard Wetland: Kinnaird Elementary, Castlegar

The BCWF’s Wetlands Education Program headed to the West Kootenays to build a schoolyard wetland at Kinnaird Elementary in Castlegar.  With the help of the Grade Sevens we constructed a liner wetland over two sunny days last week!

There were several steps involved in building a liner wetland:

5 IMG_8329
Placing the geotextile fabric in the excavated hole
  1. Excavate a hole with gradual slopes, 40′ diameter and 2.5′ depth.
  2. Rake the hole to be smooth/remove sharp rocks to prevent puncture liner.
  3. Place 40′ squared geotextile fabric and liner layers in the hole to form the impermeable base of the wetland.
  4. Anchor the liner layers with 12″ spikes, approximately 18″ apart.
  5. Rake a foot of soil on the liner (the wetland will be approximately 1.5′ deep).
  6. Spread oats and straw to prevent erosion.
  7. Plant a variety of wetland species and water the plants to fill the wetland.
Kalyla watering the wetland!
Kalyla watering the wetland!
10 IMG_8439 copy
Kinnaird Elementary Wetland!

The Kinnaird Elementary School students and teachers learned about the importance of wetlands through this wetland construction project.  They will continue to have an important stewardship role within the school and community, promoting the wetland’s health and educating others about it’s benefits.

Click here to see the Media Coverage from the Castlegar News.

To see all the photos of the wetland construction, click here!!

This event could not have been possible without the financial support of Columbia Basin Trust, Environment Canada, Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Government of BC, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Wildlife Habitat Canada, and Shell.

Special thanks to Lawrence Redfern of the Castlegar and District Wildlife Association, who we partnered with for this project.

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