BC Wetlands Photo of the Month!


It’s a new month, which means that it’s time for our BC Wetlands Photo of the Month! The photographer, Flickr user vermillion$baby, captures lagoons formed by the backwater from the Fraser River. This photos was taken near the Nicomen Slough in Deroche, BC, which is a popular fishing destination in the lower mainland.

The red marker indicates Nicomen Slough.
The red marker indicates Nicomen Slough.

The slough connects Inch and Suicide Creek with the Fraser River, and creates the ideal waterway for many species of fish. From September to December, salmon use the slough to reach their spawning grounds in the Chilliwack River and the Sumas canal. This area is the habitat for some of the largest runs of salmonids in the entire Fraser Valley. They share the slough with cutthroat trout who use it as a feeding ground in the spring. It has also been regarded as one of the most significant cutthroat areas in the Fraser Valley. When considering the importance of fish for other types of wildlife, it is clear that the slough and surrounding wetlands serve a major environmental purpose.

Thank you to Patty (Flickr user vermillion$baby) for sharing this photo with us! If you would like to view more of her photography, click hereWe’re looking for our next Photo of the Month, so upload your BC Wetlands pictures to Flickr here. And make sure to follow us on Twitter (@BCWFWetlands) and like us on Facebook!

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