Happy World Wetlands Day 2015!

For 44 years, we have used this day to raise awareness of the importance of wetland habitat. There has been a rapid loss of these critical sites around the world: 64% have been lost around the world since 1900!

This year, the BCWF Wetlands Education Program has extended the celebration of this day by attending an annual event held at the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club (see photos from our past years at this event), and by hosting a large gathering of key conservation-minded figures in Burnaby:

The Future of Wetlands: A Workshop to Strengthen Capacity and Collaboration

This workshop invited local and regional government, First Nations, non-governmental organizations, academia and other related professionals to participate in a pertinent discussion on how we might continue to build relationships among like-minded groups, individuals and the government to enhance project opportunities and build frameworks that support community partnerships to conserve and restore wetlands in the Lower Mainland of BC.

If you were lucky enough to get a seat at this very full workshop you are fortunate to share your ideas in discussion, and hear perspectives from Ducks Unlimited, Elk River Alliance, Evergreen BC, South Coast Conservation Program, Canada Wildlife Service, City of Surrey, City of Burnaby. We will post a summary of these events shortly. In the meantime, consider the following opportunities as a way of celebrating this day:

 Ramsar has a World Wetlands Day Photo Contest!
Consider making a pledge for wetlands!
Become a Wetland Steward in your community!

You really want to talk about wetland stewardship don't you? Why not share your opinion on this Blog entry...

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