5 thoughts on “Wetland Policy Poll

  1. Colin Park

    Bc does not need a wetlands policy. From 1909 to 2015 BC’s water act regulated works around streams. The definition of a stream included a swamp. As of early 2016 the water sustainability act refines the definition of a stream to include a fen, marsh, and swamp; I feel that a shallow open water wetland is implied but the act excludes bogs as they have limited through-flow and there is massive development in bogs in the lower mainland and northeast BC. BC is going to change their policy on wetlands in early 2016 but what BC really needs is a listed species and ecosystems policy to protect a certain portion of every type of ecosystem out there. Thanks.

  2. Update on the Wetland Policy Poll:

    Question: Does BC need a wetland policy?
    As of Feb 9th we have had 288 responses!
    98% of people have voted yes to the question and 2% have voted no.

    Some of the comments we have received explaining why we need a policy include:

    “Because they are a integral to global health and biodiversity and our existing legislation and regulations ignore these fundamental values and relationships by being mainly focused on fish or individual species instead of complete systems.”

    “Because wetlands hold water in times of drought, acts as a sponge in times of floods, absorbing water. They are the planets most effective carbon sinc. And almost every species relies on wetland during some point in their lifecycle. BC looses way too many wetlands due to a complete lack of policy.”

    “Wetlands may be the single most important ecosystem in British Columbia. In addition to supporting incredible biodiversity, these productive habitats provide essential flood management and water filtration services for free! We must do whatever we can to preserve, restore and appreciate BC wetlands.”

    Thank you for taking the time to vote.
    Please email us with any questions you may have at wetlands@bcwf.bc.ca

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