World Oceans Day @ Blackie Spit, Surrey

On World Oceans Day, June 5th, the City of Surrey invited the BCWF Wetlands team to host a booth at their annual Environmental Extravaganza. The event was held at beautiful Blackie Spit and more than 10 organizations were invited to help educate the public about the environment. Some of the organizations there included: Boundary Bay Bird Keepers, Salmon Habitat Restoration Program (SHaRP), Surrey’s Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP) and more.

To spread the word about the importance of wetlands, BCWF WEP interns Kasey Wong and Doug Newbigging brought a watershed model to the event. The model is divided into two halves with a developed watershed on one half and a natural watershed on the other. The purpose of the model is to show the difference in hydrology and water filtration between natural and developed watersheds. The model was a success as the participants (mostly children) enjoyed pouring water through the model and listening to Kasey and Doug explain what they were seeing.

Kasey explains the watershed model to an interested family

On the other side of the BCWF tent, Kasey and Doug designed and hosted a trivia game which asked participants how 10 everyday items were related to wetlands. The 10 items included: (1) Lily pads and a bird nest, (2) a coffee filter, (3) a sponge, (4) money, (5) a bottle of aspirin, (6) a bag of rice, (7) a canoe paddle, (8) a bullfrog, (9) cereal and (10) a bottle of motor oil.

Doug explains the trivia game to a participant

All participants of the trivia game were entered into a draw to win a BCWF Wetlands Education Program ball cap. The winners of the draw are: Emma B. & Issac V., congratulations!

This event was made possible with the financial support of Wildlife Habitat Canada.


Since 1985, Wildlife Habitat Canada, a national, non-profit, charitable conservation organization, has invested over $60 million to support hundreds of conservation projects on private and public lands across Canada, through its granting program. Wildlife Habitat Canada works through partnerships with communities, landowners, governments, non-government organizations, and industry to conserve, enhance, and restore wildlife habitat. To learn more about the projects that Wildlife Habitat Canada has funded or to see our annual report, please visit Without habitat…there is no wildlife.  It’s that simple!

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