Welcoming our Summer 2018 Intern!

This week we are welcoming our new summer intern, Emily Suchy, for the 2018 season! Emily is psyched to be joining Moe, Jason, and Neil on the Wetlands Education Program team and is looking forward to the many exciting projects we have in the works for this summer. Emily is currently working towards her BSc in Environmental Science at the University of British Columbia. Her past experience undertaking sustainability focused projects with people from a wide range of backgrounds has her ready and eager to get started with the Wetlands Education team.

Passionate about the idea of humans as positive contributors to our local ecosystems, Emily is excited to get involved with the conversation surrounding wetland ecosystem health. She feels her new position as a summer intern will be a great opportunity to put her passion and enthusiasm into tangible action!

Outside of work, Emily can be found riding through the trees on her mountain bike, climbing, or enjoying potlucks with friends. She loves to spend time in the outdoors and is stoked to be working together with the BCWF in protecting these wild places!

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