Neil Fletcher

Profile: Neil Fletcher (B.Sc, M.R.M.) is the Conservation Stewardship Manager for the BC Wildlife Federation. He is passionate about protecting water and ecosystems. Neil started out in Ottawa, Ontario where he prepared a management plan for a provincially significant wetland next to a housing development site. He later moved on to monitoring nutrient loading in the waters surrounding the RCMP horse breeding facility where he strapped on chest waders and pounded groundwater monitoring wells into grassy waterway filled with poop. Now Neil is concerned with the multifaceted wetlands of British Columbia and helps to empower communities to protect, conserve and restore them. In addition to this exciting work, he sits on the Wetland Stewardship Partnership with other provincial players including the Ministry of Environment, Canadian Wildlife Service, Ducks Unlimited and BC Naturalists. Neil is the Administrator and an Author to The Bog Blog. Contact him if you are interested in collaborating on a project or would like more information on how to conserve your local wetlands! If you'd like links to Neil's websites, click on his portrait.

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