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Profile: The interns of BCWF Wetlands Education Program participate in all aspects of program delivery: from grant and article writing to wetland monitoring and stewardship work. They are a passionate set of individuals- often students or recent graduates that give their time to the conservation of wetlands in BC. Volunteer Interns (Summer 2011): Victoria is a UBC Arts Intern entering her second year of the General Arts program. She has participated in Wetlandkeepers Pemberton (2011), Puddle Project North Vancouver (2011), Wild Kidz Camps in both Chase and Lillooet (2011), two scouting trips for future programming and a restoration workshop in Logan Lake. Kayla is a recent graduate of the Zoology program at the University of Calgary. She will be entering the Earth and Ocean Sciences program at the University of Victoria. Kayla has participated in Wetlandkeepers Pemberton (2011) and Wild Kidz Camp Chase (2011). Co-op Intern (Summer 2011): Graeme is in his 3rd year of a Geography major at UBC and was hired through the summer coop program.He has participated in scouting trips for the programming of Wild Kidz Camp Chase (2011) and Kamloops Wetland Restoration Workshop (2011), has played an active role in the execution of both Wild Kidz Camps (Chase & Lillooet) and attended a restoration workshop in Logan Lake.

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