Profile: Cassandra successfully completed the Windermere Leadership Program during high school where she was taught about the value of volunteering, getting involved, and real-world issues. This developed her passion to get engaged in environmental sustainability and community projects. Cassandra is now a first year student at Simon Fraser University where she hopes to discover her true passion. In the mean time, Cassandra has been actively involved in many different sustainability projects which include a 13-bed garden, an industrialized composter, a greenhouse, and an Aquaponics system; all during her senior year of high school! All of this and she has also climbed the Rocky Mountains around Emerald Lake, visited the Burgess Shale, and stood on the peak of the President Range near Yoho. Cassandra is a firm believer in the ability of communities with like-minded individuals to implement solutions to current local and global environmental issues. The BC Wildlife Federation’s internship will allow Cassandra to collaborate with others in influencing environmental solutions as well as interacting with children, another one of her passions through organizing this year's Wild Kidz Day camps. With such enthusiasm, it is no wonder that Cassandra’s favourite hobby is volunteering. She enjoys advocating for local, organic food and food systems. She aspires to hike up mountains all around the world alongside her friends, family, and of course, her camera.

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