Mike Botic

Profile: Mike Botic is one of the BCWF 2012 Wetlands eductation programming assistant interns. He loves any experience that he can have outdoors; camping, hiking, snowboarding, fishing, and kayaking. Mike's passion for the environment really started after his first trip to Tofino where he really got the first chance to witness the awesome power of mother nature, huge waves, massive trees, wind, and wildlife everywhere. Mike's interest in wetlands begin when he started learning more about their processes at B.C.I.T., and found out how important they are in creating habitat for birds, and many amphibians. Currently Mike is completing his sustainable resource manager technician diploma at B.C.I.T., with a primary focus on environmental community planning. Last year Mike and his colleague developed, implemented, and successfully completed their 100% GPS tree inventory technician project for the Marine Drive Golf Course. Mike is very proud of this project because they designed it from the ground up, and are currently testing it to see if it can be applied for other applications in the urban environment. Mike wanted to be involved in the BCWF, because he wanted to learn from an organization that demonstrated as much passion for the outdoors and the natural environment as he does, and share that knowledge with others. Mike plans to continue his education with B.C.I.T. and obtain a degree in sustainable business management, and eventually be the head of a sustainable energy company based out of Vancouver.

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