Final Report – Wetland Workshop for Municipalities (Lower Mainland) – Nov 19, 2013

Final Report - Wetland Workshop for Municipalities (Lower Mainland) - Nov 19, 2013

The BC Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program hosted a workshop for municipal and regional staff in the Lower Mainland of BC on November 19, 2013. The objective was to provide information on wetland conservation initiatives/tools; and promote dialogue on gaps and opportunities for further protection and conservation.

Presentations included:
“The South Coast Conservation Program Overview of Regional Tools to Protect Species and Ecological Communities” Pamela Zevit (South Coast Conservaton Program);
“Wetland Conservation in a Wetland Health Context: Watershed Blueprints will help Municipalities integrate and better deliver on regulatory compliance” Kim Stephens (Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC);
“Stormwater Management Considerations for Aquatic Species: risks, benefits, and design considerations for stormwater ponds and ditches for wildlife” Elke Wind (E. Wind Consulting);
“Beaver Lake Project Background and Enhancement Plan” Robyn Worcester (Stanley Park Ecology Society), Alan Duncan (City of Vancouver), Chris Lee (Aquaterra), Katy Amon (Lees & Associates);
“Legal Tools for Protecting Wetlands and Supporting Resilient Communities” Deborah Carlson (West Coast Environmental Law)

This workshop was financially supported by: Wildlife Habitat Canada, Environment Canada, Shell Canada, Ducks Unlimited Canada, and the Stanley Park Ecology Society.

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