A wetlands fire in New Zealand, and how it relates to us in B.C.

Firefighters battle the New Zealand blaze

This week, a large fire destroyed more than 400 hectares of the internationally recognized Waituna Wetlands Scientific Reserve, located in the Southland Region of New Zealand. The massive fire lasted for nearly 24 hours, and destroyed mature manuka trees (Leptospermum scoparium) and a variety of important wetland plants. Birds and skinks were lost in the … Continue reading

Shorepine Bog

We all recognize a marsh or shallow waters as saturated spaces. Some wetlands, such as the one featured in the photo of the week (above), aren’t as clearly recognizable upon first glance.The Shorepine Bog is an unfamiliar landscape of seemingly dry, uniform golden greens and twisted forms. This bog was found in the Pacific Rim … Continue reading

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