A Wetlands Consortium: Slocan Valley Wetlands Working Group

Collaboration plays a significant role in land and water management, while encouraging cooperative action amongst communities. On June 12th we hosted the Slocan Valley Wetlands Working Group, which featured economic, cultural, social, and environmental interests to plan future projects and goals for watershed conservation in the Slocan Valley. We had the privilege of listening to … Continue reading

A Great Mix: Wetlandkeepers in Castlegar

The aptly named Oasis Wetland was the subject of this month’s Wetlandkeepers workshop held between June 1-3, 2012. Wetlands in the Kootenay Valley are few and far between due to historical drainages, fillings, and river diversions. Sadly, many of the Kootenay’s wetlands that are still kicking around are far from pristine, and ‘the Oasis’ is … Continue reading

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