Morning Frost

Wetlands in the winter: cold, frozen, and quiet. Few are willing to brave these conditions, but those that do are highly rewarded when they venture into a local wetland. As Brian Hampson’s photo shows in this Photo of the Month, wetlands in the winter present an exceptional environment to experience. While many of the oft-associated … Continue reading

Species Profile: Long-Billed Dowitcher

After many submissions of water birds to our Flickr photo group, we thought that it was about time to select one of them for this second week of the new year. We have been out birding in local swamps and riparian areas recently and have noticed a few shore birds. We have yet to see … Continue reading

Want to Share your Photos of BC Wetlands?

If you enjoy taking photographs and have some great images taken within a BC Wetland, why not share it with everyone? We’ve created a new Flickr group that will feature images of BC wetlands as a way of appreciating these spaces. If you are not a Flickr member, it is easy to join and is … Continue reading

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