Wetland by Realvision

“Wetland” is a photograph taken by Flickr member – and contributor to our Wetlands of British Columbia group – realvision. The wetland in the photo is none other than Pitt Marsh, located at the south end of Pitt Lake in the Lower Mainland. While this image highlights the natural beauty of wetlands in British Columbia and their interconnectivity … Continue reading


“Glow” calls our attention to the radiance of an early fall sun. Cresting the hillside of the Fraser Canyon, the white hot orb transforms Cheam Wetlands south of Harrison Hot Springs into a mellow, golden wonderland. Our photographer, Tracey Friesen, has captured a moment when the vegetation that makes up a wetland environment has the opportunity to … Continue reading

A Home For The Many

In light of the Shell Fuelling Change competition that is now underway, I thought that it might be a good time to start reiterating the importance of what we’re here for. While we’re all aware of the threatened status of many species across BC, it is easy to forget the connection between each individual creature … Continue reading

Natashia Cox & her summer of chasing frogs

Ever wonder what happened to Natashia Cox? For those of you who never met her, Natashia was a participant in the 2010 Kamloops Wetlands Institute and later came to intern with me in the Wetlands Education Program in the winter and spring of 2010/2011. After her term came up, she went off to share her … Continue reading

A wetland wonderland in Squamish

Coming across an article written on Edith Tobe‘s project in the Squamish Chief, I felt that there really should be a bog blog entry on it too. Afterall, this is a massive project that I’ve been lucky enough to witness. A participant of the 2010 Wetlands Institute in Kamloops, Edith and the Squamish River Watershed … Continue reading

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