Two Birds with One Stone: Restoring a Wetland and Removing Invasives in Murrayville.

In 2011, the Langley Environmental Partners Society’s (LEPS) Stephanie Captein and the BC Wildlife Federation’s Neil Fletcher began concocting a plan to restore a wetland in Murrayville, BC. Just one short year later, the bulk of restoration is complete and the wetland is off to a great start. Since 2004 LEPS has run the highly … Continue reading

Amphibian Habitat, Lost Streams of Vancouver and Crocheted Invasives

Over the past week, Neil and I have attended a few events worth mentioning on this blog. In the cold weather, when wetlands are going to sleep for the season, the only related activity we can really do as wetland stewards is network, educate ourselves and share the information. With an invitation from Paul Berlinguette … Continue reading

Ian Wright, Wetlandkeeper, works with students at Shawnigan Lake School to restore wetland

Ian Wright, Wetlandkeeper

Participants who attend a WEP workshop often ask me how they can get involved in local stewardship initatives.  Ian Wright is a great example of how individuals can work with communities to help conserve wetlands.  He took our 2011 Wetlandkeeper course in Squamish, and is currently working with Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver Island to restore a … Continue reading

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