Species Profile: Long-Toed Salamander

Kids, summer, and the great outdoors–all three go together so naturally. To experience nature is to love it, and what better way to introduce a love of the outdoors than to send a child to camp? Our photo of the week by contributor anothergecko features a Long-toed salamander (Ambystoma macrodactylum)–just the kind of wildlife many a child would love … Continue reading

Swamped with Joy: Wetlandkeepers in Mission

Slowly creeping along the shore of the swamp, I take delicate silent steps as I carefully scan the vegetation. Heart racing and muscles tense, I’m looking for any sign of movement that will give away its location. An almost imperceptible flash of green to my right and I know I have to make my move … Continue reading

Species Profile: Western Red-Backed Salamander

Camouflaged into dead leaves and humus, the Western Red-backed Salamander captured in this week’s BC Wetlands Photo of the Week could have only been seen by the keen eye of someone looking for those things that crawl in hidden places.  Our choice photographer this week, Sean McCann, found this beautiful amphibian in Goldstream Provincial Park … Continue reading

Year of the Dragon…or in our case, the Coastal Giant Salamander!

Happy Lunar New Year to all! To celebrate the year of the dragon, I thought I’d come up with what the creature of myth and legend might translate into on the South Coast of British Columbia. What did I come up with? The Coastal Giant Salamander (Dicamptodon tenebrosus). This commanding creature is hardly myth, and if you … Continue reading

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