Buntzen Lake

Haunting is the word thatsprings to mind when looking at our Photo of the Week, “Buntzen Lake”, by IIenrap604. The words *hauntingly familiar* may come to others as Buntzen Lake has some hefty TV and film credits, having appeared in Lake Placid, The X-Files (episode 3X22 Quagmire), Highlander, Hot Rod, Freddy vs. Jason, and Devour. … Continue reading

Skunk Lantern

The last BC Wetland Photo of the Week selection for 2011 comes from a couple (Terry & Julie) who collectively call themselves   TT_MAC. We’ve been eyeing their photograph for awhile after it had been entered into The Wetlands of British Columbia photo group. Their choice of backlighting was very strategic in this portrait: Skunk Lantern lives up … Continue reading

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