Wetland Reflections

What better place to ponder future possibilities than a wetland awakening to spring’s warm touch? In “Wetland Reflections”, our Photo of the Week, still water keeps new life secret and safe while reflecting the land and sky of Abbotsford’s Ellwood/Fishtrap Creek Nature Park. Our featured photographer, who goes by Pat’s Photos36, has posted a series … Continue reading

Stud Pasture Update Spring 2012

Three Wetlands in Five Days! Kamloops Restoration Workshop

Wetland construction is a lot work, let’s just start with that. Not only is there a considerable amount of physical labour, but there are so many things to learn and to know to create a well-built marsh or swamp. Over the course of the five day BCWF WEP’s Wetland Restoration Workshop held in Kamloops, a … Continue reading

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