Kamloops Restoration Workshop

Thank you to Neil Fletcher and the BCWF, and to the workshop funders for holding a restoration workshop in Kamloops.  In the semi arid climate of the Kamloops region, wetlands are vital for the continued existence of wildlife. At the Stud's Pasture location the additional ephemeral ponds restored create habitat for amphibians.  The presentation by Jocelyn Garner, TRU …

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Three Wetlands in Five Days! Kamloops Restoration Workshop

Wetland construction is a lot work, let's just start with that. Not only is there a considerable amount of physical labour, but there are so many things to learn and to know to create a well-built marsh or swamp. Over the course of the five day BCWF WEP's Wetland Restoration Workshop held in Kamloops, a …

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Diane and Sue at Stud's Pasture (April, 2011)

Stud’s Pasture Wetland, Kamloops

The Stud's Pasture Wetland on the Tk'emlups Indian Reserve near Kamloops, BC was restored as part of the Wetlands Institute in the summer of 2010. It is currently being monitored by enthusiastic past participants of that institute,  Sue Huddart & Diane James. They have since been featured as wetland stewards in our article for Womens Outdoor World Magazine: When …

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