The Troubled Purple Thistle Wetland

A warm and sunny Sunday afternoon tends to bring out the gardener in many of us. What happens when there is no access to a green yard, a farm field or a sunny patio for planters? The trend toward community garden space and urban agricultural interventions has exploded, and Vancouver seems to be peaking when … Continue reading

The Lost Fen: Urban Community Rallies Over Remnant Duck Pond

It has long been an interest of mine as a wetland steward to participate in the project of an urban wetland. While the city isn’t the most important space for wildlife habitat, it does provide many great learning opportunities for a very broad audience. On March 15th, I had the opportunity to sit in on … Continue reading

Bog Star

The close up of this Parnassia plant (Parnassia palustris) in flower is the sole focus of this week’s selected photograph. We can see why this is commonly called the “Bog Star”: the simple radiant white coloration sets it far apart from the dark browns and greens of its surroundings. Bruce McKay, the photographer, has made … Continue reading

Snowy Owl on Driftwood

Looking at Connor Stefanison’s photograph titled Snowy Owl on Driftwood I am engulfed in a calm and silent amber world, pierced only by the yellow eyes of this fierce and majestic bird.  The light indicates a setting sun, the grasses that surround the bird have dried in the cool November air. The Snowy Owl waits … Continue reading

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