A Plan for Action: Restoring Moberly Marsh

Last week, the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) Wetlands Education Program (WEP) had the opportunity to take part in a planning session for the enhancement of Moberly Marsh located in Burges James Gadsden Provincial Park just west of Golden, BC. Moberly Marsh was previously managed by Ducks Unlimited Conservation (DUC). DUC has deemed that it is … Continue reading

Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park Wetlands Restoration Project 2013

How do you reclaim five damaged wetlands in your neighbourhood’s only Natural Area Park?  You start by forming a small committee of dedicated and experienced wetland enthusiasts who are willing to hang in there for the long haul. Then you plan.  A lot. And you seek advice from the experts.  People like Neil Fletcher of … Continue reading

Radical Wetlanders: Purple Thistle Group Restores Urban Wetland

The Purple Thistle Centre is a youth-run community centre based out of Vancouver that has several green projects on the go. They run an urban farm, have recently planted a food forest, and have three bee hives. Last summer, they set out to restore a small wetland which was being used as an illegal dump … Continue reading

Featured Wetland: The Camosun Bog and Restoration Success

If you live near or in Vancouver then you understand the importance of having urban natural areas. Not only do these areas provide ecological protection, but they offer a peaceful moment for city-dwellers. Sometimes it’s exhausting to get caught up in urban-life, sitting through hours of traffic – or in my case, the bus – … Continue reading

Beavers at Campbell Creek Wetland

I could say there are pros and cons to beavers moving in an area.  A beaver colony can rapidly cut young and old growth trees to build dams, build a lodge, and feed on deciduous trees and shrubs.  While altering the landscape dramatically, they also create habitat which other animals can benefit from the increase in water, plants and … Continue reading

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