2019 Workshops & Courses

Updated: February 10 2020

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Wetlandkeepers Workshops 

BCWF’s Wetlandkeepers Courses are 2.5 day workshops that educate participants about wetland conservation! Upon a community request, BCWF brings the Wetlandkeepers Course into an area to teach wetland mapping, wetland hydrology, amphibian, plant and animal identification and soil sampling. This is a hands-on fieldwork course that provides participants will technical skills to steward their own wetland.  Upon completion of the workshop participants are provided with a Wetlandkeeper certificate, and provided with follow up support by the Wetlands Coordinator.

· Cumberland | May 3-5 | Read about it here

· Tsay Keh Dene| June 4-5 | Read about it here

· Fort Ware| June 6-7 | Read about it here

· McLeod Lake| June 10-11 | Read about it here

· Kamloops |June 14-16 | See photos here

· Rossland| July 12-14 | Read about it here

· Cawston | July 17-18 | Read about it here

Wetlands Institute Workshop

Are you working on a wetland  project and/or program in your community? Join us for 7 day intensive hands-on workshop on Salt Spring Island. The Wetlands Institute educates participants about wetland stewardship, restoration and construction skills. Participants often come to the Wetlands Institute with a wetland project they wish to implement in their home communities.  During the workshop, participants receive support from knowledgeable experts and obtain hands-on training in order to successfully implement their wetland projects upon returning home.  Since 1998, the Institute has been held bi-annually in selected communities across British Columbia. Participants spend most of the week in the field learning about the importance and diversity of wetlands, practising up to date field techniques to inventory wetlands vegetation mapping, water quality, soils, birds, amphibians, and fish. In addition, participants discuss ways to contact and communicate with landowners and developers and to raise public awareness and influence conservation policies. Within the selected host community(ies), several different wetland sites are visited during the week to highlight different restoration, conservation and education methods. Upon completion of the Institute, participants from all types of backgrounds are fully trained to begin wetland projects in their home communities!

· Rossland, and Southern Kootenays region | September 30-October 6 | Read about it here

Working Group Workshops

This year, we’ve partnered with Cumberland Community Forest Society, Comox Valley naturalists, and Comox Valley Land Trust to bring you the Cumberland Wetland Conference, a multi-day conference with optional wetland tours. A combination of hands on experiences and presentations by experts in their respective fields, this conference will cover the history, current state and possible futures of the wetlands in the Village of Cumberland. Birds, insects, amphibians, beavers, plants, water, geology and the connection between wetlands and marine health will all be explored.

· Cumberland | May 10-12| Read about it here

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