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Wetland stewards visiting the BCWF Bog Blog will find the following list of resources a valuable addition to their toolkit. The following links are on a province-wide, national and international scale, but are easily applied to education on and monitoring and conservation of wet regions within BC. If you notice something missing from the list, contact the WEP Manager to share your link.  Links marked with “*” have a BC focus. 

   Wetland Information & Science

  Hinterland Who’s Who- Wetlands
Society of Wetland Scientists
The Nature Conservancy of Canada- Wetlands 101
The Wetland Atlas of Canada
Wetland Link International
Wetland and Riparian Area Ecosystem Project*

Wetland Conservation, Restoration & Stewardship

North American Wetlands Conservation Council
Stream of Dreams Watershed Education Through Community Art
The Living By Water Project*
The Wetland Stewardship Partnership*
BC Wetlands Atlas*
Wetland Stewardship in Canada

Wetland Bylaws & Treaties

Ramsar Convention
The Green Bylaws Toolkit*
Wetland Ways*

Wetland Flora Information

Invasive Plant Council of BC*
Plant Watch

Wetland Fauna Information

Bird Atlas BC*
Canadian Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Network
Frog Watch BC*
Pacific Salmon Foundation*
South Coast Bat Action Team*
Species at Risk & Local Government: A Primer For British Columbia*
The Splat Project*

Invasive Species Fact Sheets

Purple Loosestrife (Draft)
Saltcedar (Draft)
Yellow Flag Iris (Draft)
Flowering Rush (Draft)
Himalayan Balsam (Draft)
Aquatic Invasive Species Factsheet*

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