Other Resources

Wetland stewards visiting the BCWF Bog Blog will find the following list of resources a valuable addition to their toolkit. The following links are on a province-wide, national and international scale, but are easily applied to education on and monitoring and conservation of wet regions within B.C. If you notice something missing from the list, contact the WEP Manager to share your link.  

Wetlands Information & Science

Wetlands Conservation & Stewardship Groups

Wetlands Policies & Legislation in B.C.

See Something, Say Something

Report All Poachers and Polluters (R.A.P.P.)*

B.C. Wetlands Vegetation & Flora

B.C. Wetlands Wildlife & Fauna

Invasive Species Fact Sheets

Wetlands Ecosystems & Species at Risk in B.C.

To see the full list, visit ‘Brochures for Species & Ecosystems at Risk in B.C.‘ at the Government of British Columbia’s website.

Wetland Ecosystems At Risk:

Amphibians, Reptiles & Turtle Species At Risk:

Bird Species at risk:

Wetlands in Canada