BCWF WEP participates in RBC Blue Water Day

RBC, a funder of many BCWF Wetlands Education Program activities, put on a Blue Water Day on June 10, 2011. Neil was invited to set up a display for several hours to engage with staff and clients on the importance of wetlands to all life and communities. This was the first booth that he had put together for his program, but was a success in many ways.

Some customers were keen to know more about program activities and how they, as community members, might do more to help protect their local wetlands. Several individuals took the free colouring page created to inspire children to learn about local wetland plants and animals. Ralph Sultan, the MLA for West Vancouver-Capilano, also paid us a visit and admired our bog terrarium. He is doing his part for the area by helping the North Shore Wetland Partners with a wetland clean up project. The RBC staff were also a group of keen individuals: excited to learn more and participate in sharing information in any way they could. Three individual staff members from the bank even participated in the Puddle Project on the prior weekend.

As a volunteer for this program, I was happy to engage with all of these individuals and am excited to see the enthusiasm they all have for doing some part in conserving the wet spaces within their local environment!

Click here to view a slideshow of photos from the event.

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