Please give us your vote for Shell’s Fuelling Change Fund!

As of TODAY, the vote is open for our friends, coworkers, fellow BC wetland-lovers and conservationists to help us achieve our target $50,000 grant. We are up against 14 other non-profit environmentally-minded groups, all worthy projects, across Canada in this cycle II of the granting process.

To be shortlisted for this grant is already a great feat (all shortlisted participants receive $10,000). To get the prize would be huge!

Our hope is that with the votes from all of our friends and supporters we will be successful. Please help us to get to the top by going to Shell’s Fuelling Change site, creating a free account, and following the email instructions you receive. You will be able to vote 10 times (more if you purchase various items…info is on the Shell site), so please use your votes wisely. To make your vote 5x stronger (something I encourage), use your facebook & twitter account. If you don’t have either, you could sign up for free to these, and the simple input will give you 50 VOTES! Trust me, this isn’t hard, it is safe and not spammy, and it’ll give you far more influence. It is worth the 5 minutes. Please use your influence to get other like-minded people involved: any and every vote counts.

A list of what the money would be used toward is listed on our Fuelling Change page. The vote is open until April 2012.

See the promotional animation that Eryne made below for more inspiration!

6 Responses to “Please give us your vote for Shell’s Fuelling Change Fund!”
  1. Sue Huddart says:

    Great video you two….original, informative, and very cute. I plan to vote and vote often!

  2. Great job on your promotional video!

    I will vote for you often because you really do need a trailer. You cannot possibly squeeze anymore wetland tools and supplies in your little red car!

    I hope you can get a trailer and come back to my community and help us create healthy wetlands!

  3. Debby says:

    I think it’s great that there are people devoted to protecting these wetlands. I’m sure there are many people unaware of what’s going on. The video is a good idea. You have my vote!

  4. Milt Stanley says:

    Great project, Neil! Terrific video, Eryne! (I’m assuming it is your talent on display there.)

    I just voted, adding my 30 facebook account votes to your project. You are right, it is easy!

    Good luck, guys, I really hope you win!


    • Thanks a lot Milt! We hope to be in the top 4 by April. What I didn’t mention is that the top 4 in the $50,000 category get the money. Although the competitive side of me would love to be #1…

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